Application Requirements

Master of Arts in Climate Action Leadership [subject to BC Ministry approval]

All applications to this program require submission of the following information and supporting documents before your file can be assessed for admission:

Application Form

In order to apply online, you will be required to create a log-in account using your email address. You will be required to list all credit courses and/or programs you have completed or are currently enrolled in. An application fee will be required. If your application fee(s) are being paid for by a sponsoring organization, please contact Student Accounts. Once submitted, you may check the status of your application at any time.

Official Transcripts

Applicants are responsible for arranging for the submission of official transcripts from ALL post-secondary (higher education) institutions currently or previously attended, for all credit courses and/or programs. Transcripts are not required for non-credit programs or courses, though some programs may require proof of professional certifications or designations.

Transcripts are considered official only if submitted directly by the Registrar or other recognized authority of the providing institution in the institution's original, sealed envelope. If the envelope has been opened, the transcripts are no longer official and new (official) transcripts will be required to complete your application.

All international transcripts or credentials are subject to an international transcript and/or credential evaluation.

Personal Statement

Your personal statement should outline educational experience, leadership* experience, personal and career goals, and discuss alignment between these and the learning outcomes of the MACAL program. Keeping that in mind, please organize your statement as follows using the following questions as subheadings. You must address all questions.

  1. Why do you wish to enrol in the Climate Action Leadership program?
  2. How is this program relevant to your career goals?
  3. What experience (academic courses and/or training, work experience) have you that directly relate to the learning outcomes of the program?
  4. What experience have you had with distance education and self-directed study?
  5. Please assess and make clear the linkages between your previous experience (paid or volunteer work; academic or training) and the focus of the program and learning outcomes. Consider the questions as you respond to this:
    1. How is my prior experience relevant to the program's focus on climate action, change leadership, and working in the context of complex challenges?
    2. What relevant strengths or competencies (knowledge and skills) would you bring to the program?

Detailed & Structured Resume

Your detailed resume should include the following:

  • Education: List all post-secondary education, degrees, diplomas, and certificates you have achieved.
  • Work Experience: Please include the name of the organization, length of service (month & year), and a brief description of duties.
  • Training and Professional Development: List career-related training and professional development programs completed within the past five years. Include the source of training, and the duration and year completed. List other training and personal development programs not already identified.
  • Voluntary/Unpaid Work Experience: List and describe any voluntary/unpaid post-secondary employment and/or community service experience. Please include the name of the organization, length of service, and a brief description of your duties.
  • Leadership*/Change Agent/Trainer Experience: Briefly describe any specific training and/or experience you have had as a group/project leader, coordinator of change initiatives, or trainer.
  • Innovative Learning Methods: Briefly describe any training and/or experience you have had in the use of innovative learning methods including distance learning, community and team-based learning, mentoring, etc. Include both your experience as a 'learner' and as an 'educator/trainer'.
  • Professional Memberships/Affiliations: List memberships and positions you hold/have held in professional associations, service clubs, the community/volunteer sector.
  • Other Relevant Information: Provide any other information which you believe is relevant to your application and will be of assistance to the review committee.

* Leadership experience could include one or more of the following:

    • Roles in which you consult, negotiate with, or manage diverse interest groups through relationship, in a complex environment.
    • Roles in which you lead others toward shared goals and outcomes.
    • Roles in which you influence, organize, and coordinate groups of people.
    • Leadership roles in volunteer organizations.
    • Formal organizational leadership roles in which you directly supervise staff or complete performance-oriented work with individuals, groups, or teams.

Letters of Reference

Two letters of reference are required; one reference letter should be based on work experience and the other based on academic performance.

The letters of reference must be from referees who have worked closely with the applicant, such as a supervisor or manager, and who can speak to the applicant's ability to research, critically analyze, synthesize and problem solve in ill-structured domains. Knowledge of the applicant’s ability must be within the last two years.

If Applicable

  • Applicants declaring permanent resident or Convention Refugee status in Canada must submit a copy of their Permanent Resident Card (PR card) along with their application.
  • Transcript evaluation fee or credential evaluation report, if submitting international transcripts.
  • An official English Language Proficiency score report or other evidence of proficiency if English is not your primary language.
  • Other information or documents may be requested to determine your eligibility.

For information on how and where to send your supporting documents, please refer to the document submission guidelines.