The BA in Global Tourism Management ensures you will have the tools and knowledge to advance your career in tourism and hospitality within Canada or globally. Improve your career prospects while learning to use entrepreneurship, leadership, and management skills to contribute to community and business development, and open ups a variety of potential careers in areas such as:

  • Hotels and resorts - hotel, resorts, cruise ships, clubs, food and beverage, operations and facilities management.
  • Consulting – product development, tourism marketing, information technology, real estate development, destination development, tourism research.
  • Tourism management - travel and tourism, transportation, culture and heritage, sports and recreation.
  • Event management - meeting/event planning, spa, fitness and health, sports events, event and venue management, special events.
  • Recreation and entertainment - casinos, museums, resorts, private homes/boats.
  • Other sectors and services - sales and marketing, human resources, education, finance.