Program Description

The aim of the certificate is to equip professionals in leadership positions with graduate-level applied and relevant expertise in social innovation at an individual, team and organizational level. The program will focus on the application of learning in the following areas:

  • foundations for driving social and environmental change, while advancing core business objectives
  • creative thinking and innovation in trying to solve organizational and social problems and challenges
  • measuring, evaluation, and reporting on social impact 
  • scaling for effective impact, locally and globally
  • learning in the areas of design thinking, organizational strategy, and organizational culture
  • practical change-making skills including empathy, teamwork, and leadership

Who It's For

This program is recommended for:

  • Vibrant change leaders and enablers who desire to develop and scale social innovation within their organizations
  • Those wanting to influence positive change and connect innovation and entrepreneurial practices to community and social improvement
  • Organizational leaders, managers and change-makers seeking to balance financial and operational performance and transform societies’ ability to solve important challenges

Upon successful completion, graduates can apply for transfer credit in select Royal Roads University’s master's programs with a portion of the tuition waived.

Delivery Model

The Graduate Certificate in Corporate Social Innovation program begins with an online course, is followed by an intensive, 6-day on-campus component, and concludes with a second online course. This unique structure provides working professionals with an opportunity to benefit from the synergy of an on-campus experience and learn through the online medium while still meeting professional and personal responsibilities.

On-Campus Learning

Students can expect the residency period to be quite rigorous. The daily schedule is usually from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Homework, readings, and team assignments are completed outside of these hours so it is recommended that you keep your evenings available for these activities.

Online Learning

The online portion of our Graduate Certificate in Corporate Social Innovation program is delivered through the Moodle learning platform. There are deadlines for assignments; however, students work through the requirements of the course at their own pace. A number of different information delivery methods are used, including textbooks, articles, case studies, interactive learning and "chat" bulletin boards for corresponding with your team members, who may be on the other side of the country. Students are assigned to a team during the first residency and continue to work together during the online courses.

Each 9-week online course requires a level of effort of approximately 15-20 hours per week. During the first online course, the amount of time required may be higher as students familiarize themselves with our online learning platform.

Transfer Credits

You may choose to complete this program as a specialization option and apply the credits earned towards our MBA in Executive ManagementMaster of Global Management (MGM) programs. 

If you have already completed this program, you can transfer all credits towards Royal Roads MBAMGMMA in Tourism Management, and MA in Interdisciplinary Studies programs. The tuition will be adjusted accordingly.

Connect with our Enrolment Advisors to talk about how you can use the credits you have earned towards your Master's program at Royal Roads.