Delivery Model

Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management

We pride ourselves on being deliberately different and providing an education that is highly prized in the marketplace.

Our curriculum strikes a balance between theory and practice & individual and team-based learning. You'll be a member of a small defined cohort, wherein you'll collectively progress together through a suite of applied and experiential learning over 24-months. Your learning will be facilitated by industry-experienced faculty, and a supportive network of university staff and resources.

How is the BCom in Entrepreneurial Management program designed?

This program is designed to enable working professionals like you to advance your education and career at the same time. This business program is offered primarily through online study combined with three on-campus residencies.

Year 1

The BCom begins with a three-week preparation online, followed by a two-week residency designed to equip learners with the skills and experiences that will set you up for success throughout the program and beyond.

The first residency is not only designed to deepen your critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving capabilities, it also re-immerses you in the world of higher learning, and enables you to bond as a cohort, and create collaborative relationships that will be formative as your studies move back online.

After your first residency, you’ll pursue two online courses at a time with short breaks between terms. Unlike other modes of distance education, the BCom online experience is immersive and interactive. Each course is facilitated by a faculty member. As a cohort, you'll move through the program in a structured fashion, actively engaging in learning activities over the 9 weeks that make up each online term.  

Year 2

As you enter your second year, you’ll come to Royal Roads for the second of three residencies. During your second residency, you’ll be engaged in an 8-day immersive hands-on experience designed to help you integrate and apply all that you have learned in your first year. You’ll also be exposed to new and emerging creative problem-solving tools and techniques to address real-world business and management challenges. You’ll be immersed in learning-by-doing.

After your second residency, you’ll complete your remaining online courses before beginning your Capstone Project.

The Capstone helps to bring all your learning together in the pursuit of developing a business plan for your current organization, a client, or a venture that you are keen to launch. This culminates in making a pitch to a panel of professionals during your final one-week residency. You'll gain feedback and insights from industry experts and other professionals to refine your plans and complete your project and, ultimately, the program.

The 3 Cs for success


The BCom program embraces a learning community model. You’ll live an intimate education experience and learn from each other, as well as faculty, team coaches, and program staff. The learning is co-created and shared among all participants. Courses and learning experiences adapt and evolve as the need and context changes. Not only does this maintain relevance, but it also prepares you to deal with uncertainty and ambiguity, an essential entrepreneurial skill.


A key component of the BCom student experience is learning in and through teams. This is a particularly notable aspect of the RRU culture. We believe it is important to create opportunities that allow you to let your uniqueness shine while learning from the rich and diverse backgrounds, experiences and skills that others bring to the table.


The BCom is a full-on business program that demands active engagement and sustained effort throughout, not unlike life in business. You’re encouraged to be purposeful and proactive in setting and managing priorities, fulfilling commitments and pursuing what matters most to you. In the end, we want you to be set up for success in business and in life.

Learn more about the admission requirements. For more information about the BCom program or how to apply, connect with an Advisor by email, or call 250.391.2528 or 1.877.778.6227 (toll-free).

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