Program Description

The BA in Professional Communication can be completed as a 4-year degree program or an intensive degree-completion program (12 month on-campus or 2 year online) which enables you to complete your third and fourth years of study with cutting-edge program content that balances academic education, professional experience, creativity and practical skills. The program combines a comprehensive overview of communications as an academic field with courses in digital communication, professional writing, public persuasion, visual communication, multimedia storytelling, global communication, media and cultural studies, sustainability communication, crisis communication management, Indigenous contexts, and much more.

As a BAPC student, you will have the opportunity to benefit from a perspective-shifting experience by studying a semester abroad at any of our partner universities in Korea, India, Austria, Germany, Chile, or Vietnam. This program component will provide you with customizable study option to expand your international experience and cultural relevancy.

Common Foundations

Through challenge-based learning, you'll receive an interdisciplinary foundation for the first two years of your undergraduate program. You'll be immersed in world issues while acquiring the key knowledge and skills essential for today's careers. Working in teams, you'll design sustainable solutions for local challenges while learning transferrable skills, such as leadership, communication, critical thinking and collaboration. Visit the common foundations page to learn more about challenge-based learning in the first two years of this program.

Degree Completion (years 3 & 4)

The degree completion program is delivered in two formats: as a 12-month on-campus model (combines years' three and four into an intensive 12-months) and as a 24–month blended model which incorporates online learning with two short on-campus residencies. There are four terms in the 12-month program which are comparable to full-time university semesters. The terms include four to six courses over a time frame of approximately ten weeks, with an additional week at the end of the last term for final papers and exams. Students are expected to be on campus every day. 

Both models offer 60 credits of coursework, and are equivalent to years' three and four of the BA, enabling successful students to graduate with a four-year BA degree.

Who It’s For

Graduates of this program will become well equipped for advancement in their careers. While training in communication skills in key to all career paths, education in professional communication is especially beneficial for careers in public relations, advertising, marketing, journalism, and corporate, technical, or web-based communication.

Students typically apply to the program with 60 post-secondary credits. Applicants who do not have the formal academic education or credits to qualify for admission, may be assessed on the basis of both their formal education or career experience in accordance with the Flexible Admission Policy. Please see the Admission Requirements page for more information.


Graduates of the BA in Professional Communication will be effective communicators who understand communication is a creative, intellectual, professional activity. They will appreciate the international and intercultural frameworks and ethical parameters of socially responsible communication. They will be professionals with an understanding of communication as a human activity and be ready to enter the workforce as effective practitioners, decision-makers and supporters of communication. Finally, they will be able to function in environments that require team-work, public speaking, professional writing and publishing skills, basic computer-mediated communication, and problem-solving skills.