Delivery Model

The Graduate Certificate in Science and Policy of Climate Change program consists of 9 credits or 3 graduate-level courses. The program is designed to be completed in less than one year. Each course is delivered entirely online, using web-based technologies and the Royal Roads Moodle learning platform.

This certificate is designed for the working professional, and you can earn it without putting your life on hold. You’ll participate in online modules, discussions, and projects with classmates and instructors. You’ll submit assignments and receive feedback online. You’ll draw upon web resources, podcasts, videos, online news stories as well as more traditional print media including textbooks, articles, case studies, sustaining interactive learning with classmates from around the world.


The certificate consists of three courses, which are taken one at a time and are typically taken in sequence starting with the Science and Impacts of Climate Change, followed by Climate Policy and Governance and then Climate Solutions.

The first two courses are each 10 weeks long. The third, Climate Solutions, is 20 weeks in length. Climate Solutions includes the Climate Solutions project which will require you to work with an organization on a climate initiative for a minimum of 75 hours.

All three courses are applied in nature, use real-world case studies and benefit from the contributions of climate researchers, experts, and practitioners.

Upon completion, you'll have gained the critical skills to respond to climate imperatives. You'll know how to plan, develop and implement adaptation strategies for moving forward. You'll be ready to drive change in your organization or venture into a new career.

For more information about the program, the delivery model or how to apply, connect with one of our Enrolment Advisors.