Program Description

The Graduate Certificate in Global Leadership (GCGL) is a 5-month blended program comprised of online learning and an intensive 2-week on-campus residency designed to build and enhance globally minded leadership capabilities. 

The GCGL program builds the foundational leadership skill set needed to work in a global capacity. Through the program you will be introduced to global governance systems and will deeply examine the global challenges we face in today’s world. Using systems thinking skills you will engage in an intersectional analysis of gender, race, class, age and religion as it affects the distribution of power and privilege.  In an intensive residency with a diverse group of students and faculty, you will identify your core values and the underlying perspectives and frameworks you bring to a global context of people and issues. You will engage in theoretical study and experiential activities to enhance the skills needed to work with diverse people with diverse perspectives – understanding and accepting differences as well as working through potential conflict. 

The first course of the program is a 3 credit course that is delivered online over 10 weeks, which addresses the foundations of global leadership. The second course is a 9 credit course that begins with 3 weeks online, followed by a 2 week residency on the campus which ends with five weeks of post study online. 

Specific topics covered in the program include:

  • What it means to be a global leader for all professionals and business executives working in an international context or having global purposes, 
  • The drivers of global change and how to respond to them
  • How to manage conflict and tensions across multi-cultural contexts
  • Intercultural communication and skill building
  • Facilitation skills in a cross cultural context
  • Personal resiliency and adaptability

Who It’s For  

This program is ideal for professionals who seek to be more globally minded, self-aware, and socially responsible through their work domestically or internationally. You are resilient and are anchored to values of sustainability and social purpose. You currently work in community based organizations, government organizations, international NGOs, institutions of higher education or other organizations that have a globally oriented social purpose or peacekeeping mission.


As a graduate, you will apply practical tools and strategies to address various issues, challenges, and opportunities, related to global leadership including;

  • Personal awareness working in a global context
  • Systems thinking skills
  • Cross-cultural communication skills
  • Capability to lead in a diverse global context 

Students who complete the Graduate Certificate in Global Leadership can transfer these credits directly into the GD in Global Leadership Program.