Admission Requirements

Applications are assessed based on an integrated and consolidated examination of academic credentials, work experience, and personal experience. 

Standard Admission

Flexible Admission


*Emerging leaders who have fewer than three years of leadership experience, yet have been in recent leadership or people management roles for two years or more, demonstrate exceptional leadership potential through their professional and life experiences, are preparing for further leadership roles, and otherwise meet the Standard Admission criteria, are encouraged to apply.

**Leadership experience could include one or more of the following:

  • Roles in which you consult, negotiate with, or manage diverse interest groups through relationship, in a complex environment.
  • Roles in which you lead others toward shared goals and outcomes.
  • Roles in which you influence, organize, and coordinate groups of people.
  • Leadership roles in volunteer organizations.
  • Formal organizational leadership roles in which you directly supervise staff or complete performance-oriented work with individuals, groups, or teams.
  • Overcoming a challenging life experience (for self or others), which involved navigating complex systems and resulted in positive community change beyond the individual.

English Language Proficiency

Additional Recommendation(s)

  • Applicants should be educational professionals.
  • Experience in a technology-mediated learning environment is an asset.