Application Requirements

Graduate Certificate in Advanced Coaching Practices

All applications to this program require submission of the following information and supporting documents before your file can be assessed for admission:

Application Form

In order to apply online, you will be required to create a log-in account using your email address. You will be required to list all credit courses and/or programs you have completed or are currently enrolled in. An application fee will be required. If your application fee(s) are being paid for by a sponsoring organization, please contact Student Accounts. Once submitted, you may check the status of your application at any time.

Official Transcripts

In accordance with RRU's admissions policy and practices, applicants are required to submit official transcripts from all post-secondary (higher education) institutions currently or previously attended, though exceptions may apply for some Graduate Certificate in Advanced Coaching Practices applicants as outlined below:

  • All applicants must declare all post-secondary studies (courses, programs, transfer credit, etc.) in their application.
  • As part of the application process, applicants anticipating acceptance by Standard Admission will be required to provide an official transcript for the highest level, most relevant and/or most recent degree credential(s). Whenever possible, applicants are also encouraged to provide unofficial (or official) transcripts from all other institutions currently or previously attended. Additional documents may be requested at any time during the application process. Additionally, upon acceptance Admissions will determine which, if any, additional transcripts or documents will be required, and these requirements may be noted as a condition of admission.
  • As part of the application process, applicants anticipating consideration under Flexible Admission must submit all official transcripts for all institutions currently or previously attended.

In all cases, applicants are responsible for arranging for the submission of official transcripts. Transcripts are considered official only if submitted directly by the Registrar or other recognized authority of the providing institution in the institution's original, sealed envelope. If the envelope has been opened, the transcripts are no longer official and new (official) transcripts will be required to complete your application. 

Transcripts are not required for non-credit programs or courses, though some programs may require proof of professional certifications or designations.

All international transcripts or credentials are subject to an international transcript and/or credential evaluation.

Personal Statement

The personal statement should be approximately one page in length and outline your motivation for seeking entrance to the program. The statement should address the topic of how the Graduate Certificate program that you are applying for will contribute to your future career. Relate this to who you are, what you feel you will gain from the program, and the strengths you feel you could bring to the program.


A detailed resume provides the Admissions Office with as much information about your work and life experiences as possible. We are interested in knowing where you have worked, for how long, and what you were responsible for in the positions you held. Provide as much information as possible, with special attention to the past ten years of your career. We would also like to see any professional development courses, volunteer positions, professional certification, association memberships or international experience that you may have acquired.

Two Reference Letters

These documents can be written in a variety of formats. In essence, we expect the writer to confirm that you are a suitable candidate for the program, explain why s/he believes you will succeed in such a program, and describe how the program will benefit you. The context in which the referee has come to know you should also be mentioned.

If Applicable:

  • Applicants declaring permanent resident or Convention Refugee status in Canada must submit a copy of their Permanent Resident Card (PR card) along with their application.
  • Transcript evaluation fee or credential evaluation report, if submitting international transcripts.
  • An official English Language Proficiency score report or other evidence of proficiency if English is not your primary language.
  • Other information or documents as may be requested to determine your eligibility.

For information on how and where to send your supporting documents, please refer to the document submission guidelines.

Review the admission requirements for the Graduate Certificate in Advanced Coaching Practices.