“I was immediately able to use the specific skills and tools learned in class ”

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Michael Cowan, MA in Global Leadership

Michael Cowan

MA in Global Leadership


“ The instructors are highly intelligent, with solid teaching skills and methodologies ”

“I have a background in cross-cultural education, international development, community development, GLBTQ leadership, and recently Justice within the court system, with a particular focus on those with con-current disorders: addiction challenges combined with mental health issues. I learned of the Master of Arts in Global Leadership program at Royal Roads University through a colleague completing another program at RRU.

The global leadership program has provided me the skills I would get from a traditional MA, as well as the detailed and tangible skills required to navigate the ambiguity that globalization challenges society with today. Studying cross-cultural communication, systems thinking, conflict resolution, and intersectionality all provide strong methods of analysis, as well as the skills to make decisions that our complex and interconnected world require of those of us holding leadership positions.
As a result of my time at RRU, I see more possibilities than ever before to create positive change in our world, and be an effective agent of that change. In short, I am a better person.”

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