“I am a better leader; now I can effectively lead sustainable change”

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Natasha Bathgate, MA in Educational Leadership and Management

Natasha Bathgate

MA in Educational Leadership and Management


“The two-week residency provided many collaborative experiences that made the learning really stick”

"Royal Roads University came highly recommended to me. Even from the brief course description, I could tell that the content was going to be pertinent, innovative and forward thinking. And the blended delivery of online and residency drew me in immediately.

I expected the MA in Educational Leadership and Management program to be progressive and relevant to my workplace; however, I was not expecting it to be so collaborative or to be so strongly connected to my cohort.

Working with the same group of people for two years made me feel more invested in the program and the assignments. I wanted to do well not just for myself but for the team. As a learning and delivery model, the cohort was amazing.

Big picture, I now have a chance of securing a position as a principal or vice-principal. Day-to-day, I can more confidently and effectively lead a faculty team and professional development workshops.

On a personal level, I have a clear idea of who I am as a leader. I know how my personal values impact my leadership style, and I realize the importance of empathy in driving any kind of change."

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