“The BA in Professional Communication is intense, but fantastic.”

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Shawn Morris, BA in Professional Communication Student

Shawn Morris

BA in Professional Communication


“The BA in Professional Communication is intense, but fantastic.”

“Today, having a degree is a requirement for almost any job. The accelerated, one-year Professional Communication program at Royal Roads University fit for my learning needs because, at this point in my life, I couldn’t see myself going to school for the standard four years. It was also great to see that my life and work experiences made me a good candidate for this degree. Unlike other universities, where academic credits are the sole basis for program acceptance, RRU’s flexible admission process considers students’ unique skillsets and professional achievements as qualifying, and even lending, factors. This unique model, valuing non-academic experiences and strengths, is a huge advantage, particularly for mature students.

The Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication program is intense, but fantastic. Each day, students of all ages and backgrounds come together in one classroom and I’m learning as much from the coursework and lessons as from my classmates’ life experiences. At RRU, it becomes immediately obvious that the professors are extremely passionate about what they teach by the amount of time and energy they devote to students. In fact, you could say that everyone on this campus, from the gardeners to the cafeteria workers and the weekend security guards, are there to lend support towards your educational journey. I am also grateful to the Métis Nation British Columbia – without them seeing the merit in RRU’s Professional Communication program and helping in sponsoring me in this program, I would not have been able to attend."

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