Admission Requirements

First-year entry (4-year undergraduate degree with language support)

This option is for students who require English language support. Please review the requirements for first-year entry with language support for more information.

First-year entry (4-year undergraduate degree)

First-year entry is for students coming from high school (or equivalent). Please review the First-year admission and application requirements for more information. 

Third-year entry (degree completion - 3rd & 4th year)


  • Recognized college/university level financial accounting course with a "C" (2.00/4.33).

Standard Admission

  • Prerequisite(s)
  • Completion of a diploma or 60 credits from a recognized post-secondary institution, in areas such as hospitality, tourism, or business administration, with a minimum of 24 second-year credits and a minimum “B” (3.00/4.33) GPA.
  • At least 400 hours of tourism/hospitality related work experience.

Block Transfer Agreements: Tourism & Hospitality

Flexible Admission

  • Prerequisite(s)
  • To be considered for Flexible Admission, applicants would normally require at least 5 years of mid/upper level work experience in the hotel industry.

English Language Proficiency

Additional Recommendations 

Solid academic writing skills are required for success in this program; therefore an English composition course focused on academic writing and critical thinking is strongly recommended. American Psychological Association (APA) citation is used in this program. A basic knowledge of accounting fundamentals is also strongly recommended.

Courses available from Continuing Studies at Royal Roads University that meet these recommendations are: