President Steenkamp: Protecting our pollinators

Have you noticed the flowers humming with bees in their glory, collecting nectar and doing the important work of pollination? It’s a sound of summer that is, unfortunately, becoming much less common.

In this video, I am joined by RRU Beekeeper Alanna Morbin for an exploration of the hives on campus. I also make reference to the book Listening to Bees, co-authored by scientist Mark Winston and poet Renee Saklikar. This work, a wonderful combination of science and art, recounts the lessons learnt from a life spent living among the bees. It is a delight to read, like dipping into a jar of honey. (This book and Winston’s Lessons from the Hive are both available in the RRU Library.)

If beekeeping has you buzzing, we offer a wonderful set of courses through Professional and Continuing Studies, taught by Master Beekeeper Bob Liptrot from Tugwell Creek Meadery. If you would like to learn more about native bees and biodiversity, tune in to Dr. Ann Dale’s podcast on the topic. And, if you would like to support our apiary project, you can donate to our garden campaign: “A Vision in Bloom.”

Remember that leaving at least part of your yard or garden a bit messy means you’re making an attractive habitat for pollinators. In the current drought conditions, you can also help them by setting out a little water.