Oldman on Royal Roads award

February 28, 2021
Victoria News
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Royal Roads alum Erin Oldman spoke to Victoria News about a $25,000 award she has received, and her plans to help others with the funding.

Here’s an excerpt:

 A $25,000 award is helping a Royal Roads University alumni make a global impact.

Erin Oldman received a scholarship through Royal Roads University (RRU), called the Legacy Award, which is given out once every five years. The award was developed by RRU and the Victoria Foundation, funded through a donation of the estate of Rachel and Ernest Fox.

“I feel incredibly privileged to receive the award, and I was shocked to be the recipient. I have received amazing support from Royal Roads,” said Oldman. “It effectively paid for half of my master’s degree tuition, and I am over the moon that I can now utilize those funds to set up a charity to do humanitarian work in the Middle East.”

International Humanitarian Assessments will aim to gather independent assessments from vulnerable communities who are experiencing physical, social or psycho-social hardship following disaster or crisis, and then provide data, research, and reports “to inform evidence-based interventions and policy change by local and external actors and decision-makers.”

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