U-Pass FAQ

How much does the U-Pass cost and when can I use it?

RRU and RRUSA have worked with BC Transit to ensure fair service delivery and a cost-effective price. Eligible students have access to the U-Pass for each month that they are enrolled in regularly scheduled on-campus classes. Students will have access for the entire month in which they have eligible classes scheduled; for example, if classes end on August 4, the U-Pass would remain valid until August 31. The expiry date for your U-Pass is printed on your student ID card.

Students will be charged $21.25/month  (2014/2015 rate) for each month that their U-Pass is valid. This is an annual, non-refundable fee. For additional information on fees, please visit Ancillary Fees and Payment Schedules.

Why do some RRU students get a U-Pass and not others?

The U-Pass agreement is between RRU, RRUSA, and BC Transit. RRUSA represents undergraduate students and received a mandate through referendum from its on-campus constituents to pursue a U-Pass for Royal Roads University. Because of the mandatory nature of the program, the U-Pass is only available to on-campus, undergraduate students.

Who else is using it?

The U-Pass program began in Victoria in 1999 at the University of Victoria and Camosun College, resulting in a 100% increase in transit ridership among students. Since then U-Pass is offered at UBC, SFU, and UFV (Vancouver area), TRU (Kamloops), College of the Rockies (Cranbrook), UBC-Okanagan (Kelowna), and UNBC (Prince George). There are more than 100 similar programs at universities and colleges across North America.

Is it a good deal?

You decide.
The U-Pass gives RRU students unlimited access to Victoria Regional Transit, including HandyDART, any time during their program for only $21.25 per month. Single use cash fare is $2.50 and a monthly university student pass is regularly $77.00. Even if you only make four round-trip busrides a month, the U-Pass has paid for itself.

What busses stop by RRU?

Buses run 365 days per year in Victoria, Saanich, Sidney, Colwood, Langford, and Sooke.

For commuting to campus, the #39 and #51 run on weekdays to and from UVIC. The #39 stops outside the Grant Building and the #51 stops at the entrance to campus on Sooke Road. 

The #52 covers Langford and Colwood and stops at the bus shelter across from Parking Lot 4.

The #50 runs daily every 10-15 minutes from downtown to Langford and stops a 15-minute walk from the campus, at the Western Exchange.

For additional information please visit BC Transit.

The Victoria Transit system is now linked to Google Maps, so it will show you the best options to get from one place to another at specific times of the day.Using the "Get Directions" feature of google maps, enter your start and end locations and then click on the transit icon to receive transit based information.

Can I opt-out of the U-Pass program?

The reduced cost of a U-Pass is made possible by the bulk purchasing power of our student body; therefore very few exemptions are possible from the U-Pass program.

If you have already purchased an annual pass from BC Transit, you may return that pass to BC Transit for a pro-rated refund.

For more information, see U-Pass Exemptions.

Where do I get my U-Pass?

If you have been assessed the U-Pass Fee, your student ID card will function as your U-Pass. Student cards will have magnetic strips that will be encoded when students pick them up from University Reception and will function immediately on public transit. Your U-Pass is not transferable to another person. Transit drivers may confiscate a U-Pass if it appears to be misused.

What happens if my card doesn't work on the electronic fare box?

This would only occur if your encoding has been corrupted or due to a reader box error. The driver may ask you to pay full adult fare ($2.50) and will advise you to have the encoding fixed at University Reception. If another attempt is made to use this card before it is re-encoded, the card will be confiscated by the driver.

What happens if I lose my card or it is stolen?

If your student ID card/U-Pass is lost or stolen, it can be replaced at University Reception. When you request a replacement card (reminder: there is a $20+ tax replacement fee), all privileges from your old card will be automatically cancelled. The cancelled encode data will be stored at BC Transit, rendering the old card invalid and it will be confiscated by the driver if someone attempts to use it.

Will my U-Pass be refunded if I withdraw from my program?

All ancillary fees, including the U-Pass fee, are non-refundable; however, you may qualify for a partial tuition refund depending on when you withdraw from your program. For more information, please see the Refund Policy.

What if i join a program part way through the year?

For any student who enters a participating program part way through, we will explore the possibility of charging a pro-rated amount for the remaining months of the program. Please contact Student Services if you are entering/re-entering an on-campus, undergraduate program partway through the year and would like to participate in the U-Pass program.