COVID-19 Updates

The U-Pass program is currently being impacted by COVID-19. For more information, please visit Royal Roads University's response to COVID-19.

For Winter 2021 (January to April 2021), the U-Pass program will not be mandatory and students will not be automatically enrolled. However, eligible students who wish to still access the U-Pass will be able to opt-in to the U-Pass for January to April 2021. Students eligible to opt-in will be sent the opt in information directly to their Royal Roads email. For more information, please contact studentservices@royalroads.ca.



The Royal Roads University Student Association, in partnership with Royal Roads University, is very excited to offer the U-Pass program for on-campus, undergraduate students. On April 21, 2011, the Royal Roads University Student Association conducted a referendum on the U-Pass; it passed with 83% of voters in favour of the new program.

The U-Pass is part of a wider sustainability project, along with carpooling and biking initiatives, to reduce the percentage of single occupancy vehicles, which currently account for 90% of commuters to the campus. This will reduce the need for more parking as RRU grows, so the campus will not be paved over for parking lots and help the environment by lowering emissions. Transit use on U-Pass campuses typically grows by much over 50%.

Starting in August 2011, full-time, on-campus, undergraduate students at RRU will have unlimited access to the Victoria transit system for a annual, mandatory fee, based on the number of months a program has on-campus classes. This is a mandatory program for on-campus, undergraduate students with very limited exemptions.

Benefits for RRUSA on-campus undergraduate students

  • U-Pass offers affordable, safe and reliable transportation - all prepaid and convenient. No hassles with transfers and exact change.
  • You can use your bus pass to run errands/ travel on evenings and weekends (downtown and to the ferry and airport). Safe travel option if you're drinking. Late night buses (1:30am on Friday and Saturday).
  • U-Pass saves you money on travel costs. Gas is expensive. You can avoid parking fees/ tickets/ hassle. And you can study or sleep on the bus!
  • Provides 'rainy day' and long trip transportation for cyclists. BC Transit's fleet is equipped with racks that can carry up to two bikes at a time.
  • More students on transit will mean even better service to RRU in the future and fewer cars means more parking spaces on campus for those who do drive.
  • U-Pass and monthly transit pass users can save by claiming a tax credit on their income tax return. Keep your receipts. For more information, visit www.transitpass.ca.
  • Unlimited access to transit throughout the year.

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