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In North America the vast majority of employers use some form of social media in their recruitment practices. Living in a digital era means that having an online presence as a job seeker is vital to your job search.  Professionals generally agree that it is best to use one platform well, rather than trying to update and be engaged on multiple platforms. Although Twitter, blogs and e-portfolios may prove to be valuable tools to boost your online presence and get noticed within your industry, LinkedIn is usually recommended as the best tool for professional networking and job search. 

Top Activities to Carry Out on LinkedIn

LinkedIn professional profiles are easy to develop.  Once you have a basic profile, develop it further using the following activities using LinkedIn’s key features and areas:

  • By following LinkedIn’s profile development steps, create a comprehensive profile that highlights your experience and skills
  • Gather your business connections all in one place by sending personalized invitations to connect; then gain access to theiconnections through introductions
  • Join groups of like-minded people and add to discussions
  • “Follow” companies to begin receiving job postings, to further connect within the company and gain understanding within companies and industries
  • Follow industry-specific associations to keep up on industry-related news and information
  • Discover people who are doing the kind of work that you want to do
  • Check your privacy settings on all social media profiles to ensure your personal image is not reflected in your professional image

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