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Hear what our students and alumni have to say about their experience at Royal Roads University.

Hilary Jandricic, MA in Higher Education Administration & Leadership

Hilary Jandricic

MA in Higher Education Administration and Leadership

“I use my RRU education daily: discussing leadership initiatives or in conversation with my team”
Daniele Lafrance, MSc Environmental Practice

Daniele Lafrance

MSc in Environmental Practice

“Working with students across time zones was challenging, but the online platform made it possible”
Louise Stiles, BA Interdisciplinary Studies

Louise Stiles

BA in Interdisciplinary Studies

“My instructors at RRU were witty, smart, engaged and supportive.”
Nick Stanger, MA Environmental Education & Communication

Nick Stanger

MA in Environmental Education and Communication

“The experience of my cohort provided insights my relatively few years might not have understood.”
Nygil Goggins, BSc Environmental Science

Nygil Goggins

BSc in Environmental Science

“The skills and knowledge I took away have been relevant both professionally and personally.”

Michelle Seaboyer

MA in Educational Leadership and Management

“I learned strategies that inform my existing responsibilities and equip me for the future.”
Nicole Dahlen Graduate Certificate in Health Systems Leadership Alumni

Nicole Dahlen

Graduate Certificate in Health Systems Leadership

“I walked away from the experience a different person, inspired and more confident.”
Marcela Ponce Madariaga Master of Global Management Student

Marcela Ponce Madariaga

Master of Global Management

“The MGM program moves you to believe in yourself.”

Joe Shuker

BA in Professional Communication

“Learning with other professionals enabled me to compare and share knowledge and best practices.”
Nicholas White, BA in Professional Communication Student

Nicholas White

BA in Professional Communication

“I feel the skills I’ve gained are applicable to a range of industries.”

Thoralf Gran-Ruaz

Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Commerce

“It was the perfect blend of learning for the stage of life that I was at. ”

Chantal Locke

MA in Educational Leadership and Management

“This program will help me develop the qualities to be an effective leader in the educational system.”
Raymond Monteith

Raymond G Monteith

MA in Disaster and Emergency Management

“I acquired research and writing skills that enable me to remain current with emerging trends.”
Vanessa Thomas, MA Interdisciplinary Studies

Vanessa Thomas

MA in Interdisciplinary Studies

“When I talk about Royal Roads University, my eyes light up.”
Bevona Bynum

Bevona Bynum

MA in Leadership Studies

“The instructors took the time to deeply understand me, my challenges, and my strengths”

Denise Sabet

MA in Intercultural and International Communication

“The faculty remain important influencers in my professional and academic life”