Program Description

Participants can expect to investigate strategies and tools required to innovate and lead both strategic and cultural change in existing organizations. Over the duration of the program, students will explore creativity, risk-taking, modeling, and feedback, while discovering the students’ own creativity, and their capacity to encourage creativity in others.

The program will also examine collaborative approaches to the creative processes, decision making, and conflict resolution while establishing the connections between innovation and organizational strategy development.

Who It's For

The Graduate Certificate in Workplace Innovation is for professionals in an organizational capacity who have the recognized business need to drive creativity and innovation and those who have a desire to become a consultant that leads innovation initiatives with, and for, organizations.

Delivery Model

The Graduate Certificate in Workplace Innovation program is a completely online program. This unique structure provides working professionals with an opportunity to benefit from the synergy of an engaging, participatory online learning experience while still meeting professional and personal responsibilities.

Online Learning

The Graduate Certificate in Workplace Innovation program is delivered through the Moodle learning platform. There are deadlines for assignments; however, students work through the requirements of the course at their own pace. A number of different information delivery methods are used, including textbooks, articles, case studies, interactive learning and "chat" bulletin boards for corresponding with your team members, who may be on the other side of the country.
Each 9-week online course requires a level of effort of approximately 15-20 hours per week. During the first course, the amount of time required may be higher as students familiarize themselves with our online learning platform.

Advanced Standing

Upon completion of this certificate program, successful graduates may apply credits towards our MBA, MA in Tourism Management, and MA in Interdisciplinary Studies programs. The tuition will be adjusted accordingly.