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Program and Research Council

As mandated by the Royal Roads University Act, the Program and Research Council (PRC) advises the Board of Governors on instructional program and research priorities, program objectives and desirable learning outcomes.


  • Chair – Dr. Allan Cahoon, President and Vice-Chancellor
  • Vice-Chair – Dr. Stephen Grundy, Vice-President Academic and Provost

Board Members

  • Ms. Kathleen Birney – Chancellor and Chair, Board of Governors
  • Ms. Lydia Hwitsum
  • Dr. Jennifer Walinga -  Faculty Elected
  • Ms. Nadine Penalagan - Student Elected

External Members

  • Dr. Anna Biolik
  • The Honourable Mary Collins, PC
  • Ms. Kathryn Laurin
  • Mr. Dan Perrins

Non-voting Members

  • Dr. Pedro Márquez 
  • Dr. Brigitte Harris
  • Dr. matthew heinz
  • Dr. William (Bill) Holmes

Council Support

  • Margot Bracewell