“I am a better instructor because of the examples demonstrated by my professors at Royal Roads.”

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Peter Drysdale BA in Justice Studies

Peter Drysdale

BA in Justice Studies


“I learned a lot from my cohort, and formed bonds that still hold today.”

I am a retired Canadian Forces member with 23 years of varied military experience. I have always wanted to achieve the next level of formal education, and when the opportunity to complete the Bachelor of Arts in Justice Studies program at Royal Roads University presented itself, I leapt on it.

There were a few reasons I chose RRU: the flexible admissions, convenient location, practical learning model, program length, testimonials of friends who had been students, and the subject itself all contributed to my decision.

Now that I am an English language teacher in Japan, I regularly draw on my classroom experience at RRU for my adult and business classes, to create a discussion-friendly atmosphere. I am a better instructor because of the examples I experienced from the teachers at RRU, and I am more understanding of civilian thinking due to the interactions with my cohort.

In the future, I hope to expand into administration and justice areas, which my education was tailored for.

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