Student Requirements

  • All applicants are required to pay the application fee at the time of application, and the tuition deposit at the time of acceptance. *Exceptions may be granted under some group sponsorship arrangements. The student must ensure that the Sponsorship Application Form is received by the Student Accounts Office at least 2 months before the program start date. Students who apply or are accepted less then 2 months before the program start date should submit the sponsorship application at the time of acceptance.
  • The student must submit the Student Information Release Waiver to give permission to the University to release information regarding his or her student account to the sponsor.
  • The student must ensure his or her tuition and other fees are paid in full by the due date even if a sponsor is paying, in whole or in part, on the student’s behalf. Students must work directly with the sponsor to ensure that the account remains up-to-date. Student account information can be viewed online at MyAdmin (
  • The student must ensure they understand the terms of the sponsorship agreement and pay any charges not covered by the third party sponsor.
  • If a student makes a payment on his or her account prior to the sponsor forwarding the Sponsorship Application Form, resulting in a credit balance, the student may request a refund by emailing
  • The student must provide his or her sponsor with any additional information such as grades or transcripts if such information is required.
  • The student must opt out from the extended health and benefit plan if it is not required. The extended health care plan is available only to on-campus undergraduate students. Information related to the health care plan and opting out can be found at:
  • The student must inform the sponsor if they withdraw, are required to withdraw or take a leave of absence.