School, Work & Life

Most programs at Royal Roads University are delivered through blended learning - a combination of online learning and short, on-campus residencies. Our undergraduate completion programs – which cover years three and four of a Bachelor’s degree – are delivered on-campus over 12 months in Victoria, B.C. These options accommodate your needs; either to balance work, family and education or to focus on quickly completing your degree in an intensive, face-to-face format. Both models make extensive use of team-based learning to provide you with insights into leadership and organizational dynamics. Both offer a challenging and supportive learning community that fosters personal and professional achievement.

The Blended Learning Model

Blended learning describes the combination of online learning and short residency periods that make up the delivery model for many of Royal Roads University's programs. The short residencies on our beautiful heritage campus in Victoria, B.C. offer direct interaction with other students and senior faculty members. Most programs are based on a cohort model where all the students take the program over the same period of time. The initial residency also includes team-building exercises and guidance to the online learning program component to ensure that distance never has to mean isolation. Unique interactive and collaborative tools have been developed to foster teamwork and communication with faculty even when students are scattered across the country or around the world. Learn more about our learning and teaching model.

Global Learning

Royal Roads University takes education to the world and brings the world into our education. All our programs reflect a global perspective, a changing economy and a challenging world. Our innovative online learning model allows people to pursue education from anywhere on the globe. Our beautiful, oceanside campus, located in Hatley Park National Heritage Site in Victoria, British Columbia, reflects the richness and diversity of B.C.’s unique culture, environment, and history. In addition, some Royal Roads University programs and residencies are offered in other locations in British Columbia and around the world. In others, students have the option to experience a residency abroad. Royal Roads University seeks to offers its students the best in Canadian education – with an international perspective.