MATM Specializations

The MA in Tourism Management (MATM) program has introduced three new specialization options: Social Entrepreneurship, Disaster and Emergency Management and Sustainability. Complete your degree while tailoring your learning to both your research interests and professional needs!

When taking a specialization in the MATM you will devote a total of 15-18 credits of course work (depending on your completion option) towards this focused field. A specialization in the MATM consists of specific elective courses and requires you to focus your major research project (MRP) or thesis on a subject in that area. On graduation, you will receive recognition of your specialization on your transcript.

Social Entrepreneurship

Creating and leading organizations, social entrepreneurs strive to advance social and environmental change through innovative business practices. This specialization is created for changemakers and those who want to influence the way we conduct business in tourism. A social and sustainable entrepreneurial focus aims to establish enterprises that follow business models and experiences that align with local needs, carrying capacity, and values. For this specialization, in addition to your MRP or Thesis, you are required to take the following two courses:

Disaster and Emergency Management

Tourism organizations are often on the frontline of disasters, from wildfires in Australia and the interior of BC, to Covid-19 or situations such as water shortages or floods.
This specialization is designed for people working or striving to work in tourism management that want to be able to respond quickly and effectively if disaster strikes. Learn how to plan, prepare and manage your organization to not only handle disaster and emergency but to mitigate future impacts.

For this specialization, in addition to your MRP or Thesis, you’re required to take the following two courses:


Sustainability is an integral part of tourism management from business operations to culture-based experiences to government and community policy-making.

This specialization is an opportunity to develop an interdisciplinary and critical understanding of the relationships between tourism and sustainable development. Taking a holistic and integrative approach, you'll develop your knowledge base, and critical perspectives on tourism and sustainability theory and practice.

Through this option, you'll explore new understanding and insights both in the field of sustainable tourism, and also in the wider environmental sciences and social sciences.

For this specialization, in addition to your major research project or thesis, you're required to take any two out of these three courses:

For more information about the program or how to apply, connect with an Advisor by email, or call 250.391.2528 or 1.877.778.6227 (toll-free). If you 're an international student, please contact our international enrolment team.