Delivery Models

The Master of Arts in Tourism Management (MATM) is a two-year program offered in two delivery models: an on-campus delivery which consists of mainly on campus courses with some online electives; or a blended delivery that combines online learning with two one-week residencies on our Victoria campus.

These delivery options are designed to be as flexible to fit your life while helping you achieve Life.Changing, transformative education. During your courses you are introduced to a number of pedagogical learning platforms and tools. Moodle is an online learning platform that is used to complement face-to-face learning and for the completion of your online based courses in both delivery models.

On-Campus Delivery

The on-campus delivery option is ideal for students who crave face-to-face learning situated on Royal Roads’ historical Victoria campus.

This option provides a classroom learning environment and out-of-the-classroom activities, allowing you to explore several Vancouver Island and British Columbia tourism destinations to complement your field study experience. The on-campus delivery model includes community engagement in individual and team-based projects, as well as an internship option with a local, regional or international employer.

Please note that there are additional fees associated with the field trips. The location of the field trips vary from year to year. You should budget for approximately $3000 to cover these costs. If you’re interested in enrolling in the blended delivery model you may also opt in to the field study trips.

Blended Delivery

The two-year blended delivery option allows you to complete the MATM program while maintaining your current commitments.


Two one-week residencies on our Victoria campus will give you an opportunity to experience on-campus culture and engage with both faculty and fellow students.

During these residencies, you’ll concentrate on the core elements of the residency course. You’ll develop vital team-building and leadership skills essential for success in future courses, consolidate your learning and benefit from small-group mentoring and personal consultation with Royal Roads faculty. Your residencies also include networking events during which you can connect with local industry professionals and other students and faculty across campus.
Come prepared to work hard during your residencies! The typical classroom schedule is Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with evenings devoted to team meetings, assignments and readings in addition to some planned recreational activities and events.
Please note that there is a $520 local field trip administration fee for students who select the blended delivery.


The online learning component expands upon the foundations provided during your residencies. Students typically take one course at a time, for a period of approximately eleven weeks; each course requires approximately 20 hours per week, although this may vary. Time required during the first courses may be higher, for example, as you familiarize yourself with Moodle – Royal Roads’ online learning platform – and other technologies.
Your online studies will incorporate a blend of learning methods, such as textbooks, articles, videos, case studies and engaging discussion forums. You’ll continue to work online in teams within your cohort, strengthening your peer-to-peer connections as you progress through the program.