Program Description

A Snapshot

The Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies offers master’s degrees comprised of elements from other RRU programs (leadership, education and technology, change management, justice, conflict analysis and management, etc.), enabling us to provide an education shaped by your unique aspirations. Students benefit greatly from an individualized education that offers programs pursuant to their unique interests and schedules, while employers are attracted to candidates capable of meeting the specific demands of the professional world. That’s how everyone wins. That’s why Royal Roads graduate students are always in demand.

Our Students

Royal Roads University draws more than just master’s students seeking an active role in the design of their educational experience. It also attracts driven, focused individuals who want more from their careers and who share a common desire to apply their education meaningfully throughout their organizations and communities. Most of our graduate students are already working professionals. That’s why we’re committed to providing a program that integrates professional experience with a practical education.

Our System

This graduate degree program is offered in two formats: online or a blended delivery that combines online coursework with one on-campus residency. And since we’re committed to providing individualized education, all of our students work closely with our program advisor to develop individual academic plans tailored to their specific needs. Drawing from two or more areas of study, this unique system enables Royal Roads graduate students to pursue an interdisciplinary course of study that combines personal passion and professional interest.

*This is not an independent studies or cohort model program. Courses are not self-paced and their start and end dates can vary.


Requiring 2-2.5 years of study, this degree program provides flexible scheduling options that combine online MA degree learning with one optional short term on-campus residency.

*Each online course can require up to 20 hours of study per week. Working professionals are encouraged to take this into consideration when developing a program of study in the MA in Interdisciplinary Studies program.