Program Design

Completion Options

The MAELM program has two completion options to choose from: Research Paper or Thesis routes.

1. Research Paper:

Your two-year program will culminate with an applied research paper that will enable you to integrate the skills and knowledge gained in the previous coursework in the examination of a real-world issue of significance to your own professional context. You’ll examine the academic literature related to the issue and develop a change leadership plan that allows you to take concrete action to address the issue once you have graduated from the MAELM program.

2. Thesis Option:

Students will be required to apply for approval to take the thesis route. The application process is in place to ensure students are committed to finishing the thesis within the two-year program time allotment. Students will need to be able to work under a tight timeline and given that the thesis will require primary research ethics approval will be required. Part of approving a student’s application for the thesis track will be identifying a thesis supervisor.

Students in the thesis track will be required to successfully complete the following courses: LRNT 600 (a thesis proposal course) and LRNT 690, which provides each student with one-to-one support and guidance throughout the data collection and analysis stages and the development of the final thesis, in accordance with the RRU MA thesis guidelines and academic regulations.