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Most professionals require insight and capacity in the area of professional communication concepts and strategies. It is important for leaders of any kind to understand the channels, processes, and principles of communication in order to build culture, engage stakeholders, facilitate change, lead innovation, and strategize effectively. The MA in Professional Communication not only equips you to be a communications specialist in your workplace, it augments existing leadership, finance, or managerial capacities with the specific communication tools to enact your goals and implement your strategies.  

The potential fields of practice for graduates are varied, and include:

  • Communications officers for government and non-government institutions;
  • Communications directors for corporations and marketing organizations;
  • Professional writers of newsletters, trade publications, journals, instructional manuals, political speeches;
  • Organizational development and training consultants;
  • Human resources training and development specialists;
  • Editors, freelance or for in-house publications or correspondence;
  • Publishers of print or online journals, magazines;
  • Teachers of communication skills courses at community colleges;
  • Media consultants, correspondents, or journalists;
  • Public relations officers;
  • Marketing managers and advertisers;
  • Administrative assistants for information-based production credits,
  • Development communication consultants to foreign assistance funded projects.

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