Program Description

The Graduate Diploma in Climate Action Leadership is a 18-credit program and uses a learner-centered, open learning curriculum that challenges students to reach beyond the walls of the classroom to respond to real world problems and generate real world solutions.

The transdisciplinary curriculum is designed to address the rapidly growing demand—both in the public and private sectors—for climate adaptation professionals with a background that combines social and applied sciences, the braiding of Western and Indigenous knowledge systems, and a creative and solution-based orientation to addressing complex challenges.

To learn more about program admissions, visit our Admission Requirements page.

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Learning Outcomes

Royal Roads University works with a competency- and outcomes-based learning model. Learning outcomes are clear, plain-language descriptors tied to evidence-informed competencies in climate adaptation that students must demonstrate in order to successfully complete the program.

In the GD in Climate Action Leadership program, there are six key competency domains:

  1. Climate Adaptation & Resilience Science
  2. Systems Thinking
  3. Research
  4. Adaptive Leadership
  5. Climate Communication
  6. Innovative Change Making

Competencies include knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviors that lead to the effective performance of individuals’ activities. Competencies inform the learning outcomes, which focus learning and assessment activities and helps employers understand the benefits of the program. Read more about learning outcomes.

Online Learning

The majority of this program is completed through online learning, using WordPress, Royal Roads University’s cutting-edge platform, Moodle, and other open-learning tools. The online component expands upon the foundations provided during your residency and incorporates a blend of open-learning methods and tools in which students use, reuse, remix, and generate open educational resources to support their digital participation as both consumers and creators of knowledge. 

Learn more about the program structure [infographic].

Who It’s For

This graduate diploma is designed for existing and aspiring climate action leadership services professionals. 

Applicants who do not have the formal academic education to qualify for admission may be assessed on the basis of both their formal education and their informal learning, in accordance with the Flexible Admission Policy. Applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis. For more information, please visit our Admission Requirements page.

Upon satisfactory completion of the courses and related assignments, students will be granted a Graduate Diploma in Disaster & Emergency Management.

Laddering Options

Students who wish to continue their studies towards completion of the Master of Arts in Climate Action Leadership program may do so through the laddering process.

Current students may apply to transfer to the MA program while still in the diploma program. Space may be limited, so the ability to transfer is not guaranteed, and in these cases, only the master’s degree will be awarded upon completion of the MA, not the diploma.

Graduates of the diploma program must formally apply to the MA program.