ITAI: Introduction to Academic Integrity

The Introduction to Academic Integrity course illustrates academic integrity and plagiarism in real-life scenarios. A clear sense of academic honesty and responsibility is fundamental to good scholarship, and the integrity of university academic work and the degrees conferred by the university is dependent upon the honesty and soundness of the teacher-student learning relationship and of the evaluation process. Therefore, all students must understand the meaning and consequences of cheating, plagiarism, and other academic offences. The Introduction to Academic Integrity course serves as a helpful, interactive companion to the academic integrity policy and procedures outlined in the Student Policies & Procedures, which contains the policies and procedures that guide academic life at Royal Roads and support our mission as a university.
Course Credits: 0.0

VBLD510: Values-Based Leadership: Being Best for the World

Emphasizes the development of leadership strength for dealing with unpredictable challenges through values-based approach to decisions and actions. Fosters exploration, in theory and in practice, of key constructs of values-based leadership and its relationship to adaptability, resilience, authenticity, responsibility, emergent learning, reflective practice, and wisdom. Enhances ‘values fluency’ in articulation of core values, and alignment of behavior and values in complex contexts. Promotes awareness of the relationship between leadership practice and the realization of others’ potential and creation of organizational environments. Co-requisite: VBLD512
Course Credits: 3.0

VBLD512: Values-Based Collaboration and Partnerships

Develops leadership knowledge and the ability to evolve a common understanding of purpose and shared values for creative and sustainable collaboration in teams and partnerships. Examines, in theory and practice, values-based leadership as a foundation for creating trust, fostering reflective dialogue, leveraging difference and diversity, and generating innovation in and through relationships. Develops an understanding of conflict in relation to motivation and as a source of innovation.. Co-requisite: VSLD510
Course Credits: 3.0

VBLD514: Leadership, Culture and Sustainability

Provides models and methods for engaging people in developing productive, innovative, resilient and sustainable cultures in workplaces and communities. Introduces an integral perspective for understanding the relationship between values based leadership and complex systems—their cultures and structures. Overviews current instruments for assessing cultures. Includes conduct of a values based leadership project in which students are supported by the instructor and peers in online groups. Fosters practical wisdom through reflection on projects in face-to-face or virtual meeting formats. Pre-requisites: VBLD510
Course Credits: 3.0