Program Description

You're a passionate advocate for child protection, child and family welfare, and children’s rights in a variety of fields. You bring experience in working with children and youth at a professional or policy level. You want to engage in work that focuses on interventions that impact the lived realities of children and youth locally and internationally.

The Graduate Certificate in Transforming Child Protection to Wellbeing helps you to critically reflect on and build an understanding of what's needed to work in partnership with communities to transform practices from their current state to a more holistic and effective approach to child and youth wellbeing.

In this program, you'll work cross-culturally, learning to support children and youth to thrive in various contexts, in Canada and globally.

You'll examine professional and regulatory systems, learning about how change can be made on a systemic level. You'll also look at, and work with, the informal systems that affect child wellbeing at a community level.

In doing so, you'll begin to expand your understanding beyond ethnocentric models or solutions for child protection, child rights, and child wellbeing. You'll develop an analysis of a need for reform within the current child protection and child and family welfare/well-being systems.

By addressing the complex interrelationships between individuals, cultures, and systems around child wellbeing, you'll gain the ability to address the questions of what it means to be a child and to thrive in various contexts. By bringing children's voices into policy and programming initiatives, you'll have the ability to impact regulatory and community change to make a positive difference in children's lives.

This program was developed in collaboration with two prominent international organizations in child rights, child protection, and wellbeing. The International Institute for Child Rights and Development's input helps bring a participatory methodology to your learning. Input from Child Frontiers provides the perspective of working with development and humanitarian agencies, and experience working at the policy level with local and national governments.

You can build from here

You may be able to transfer your credits from this graduate certificate to a two-year Master's level degree at Royal Roads. Depending on the MA you choose, you may receive the Master's level degree instead of the certificate.

Learn more about the admission requirements. For more information about this program or how to apply, connect with an Advisor by email, or call 250.391.2528 or 1.877.778.6227 (toll-free).

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