Delivery Model

The Graduate Certificate in Sustainable and Community Development offers the unique advantage of an 8-day residency, preceded by one online course and followed by another online course. This structure provides students with the opportunity to apply and benefit from real-life case studies and place-based evidence decision making.


Students can expect the residency to be rigorous. Learning takes place daily from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Homework, readings and team assignments are completed outside of these hours so it is recommended that you keep your evenings open for these activities.

Online Learning

The online portion of the program involves several information delivery methods, including textbooks, articles, case studies, interactive learning and "chat" bulletin boards for corresponding. Courses involve assignments and teamwork, requiring students to plan carefully to meet timelines.

The two online courses last for a period of 10 weeks each, and require a level of effort of approximately 20 hours per week. During the first online course, the amount of time required may be higher as you familiarize with our online learning platform.