Program Description

Strategic enrolment management (SEM) is a critical process in the overall operations of any college or university and is becoming recognized as an area of expertise across institutions in North America.

The Graduate Certificate in Strategic Enrolment Management (GCSEM) is an opportunity for current and aspiring leaders within the higher education sector to enhance their knowledge and skills to effectively create, implement and assess an institution’s enrolment plan.  Learning with and from seasoned SEM leaders from North America, students will be engaged in an interactive online learning environment and complete three graduate-level courses over a 6 month period. Students have the opportunity to apply their learning throughout the program and will complete a strategic enrolment plan as a capstone project.

Who It’s For

Knowledge of SEM theory and the skills to develop and implement a SEM plan are valued assets for people working within higher education. This program is designed for administration, admissions, accounting, enrolment, finance, marketing, recruitment and registrar’s office.


Graduates will develop an understanding of SEM and be able to apply practical tools and strategies to address opportunities and challenges around achieving optimum recruitment, retention, completion rates for students and institutional growth.

Graduates will be able to:

  • Understand strategic enrolment management as it applies to North American higher education institutions.
  • Gain expertise in implementing effective and practical SEM plans using a results-based and systems-thinking focus
  • Effectively create, implement, and assess an institution’s student recruitment and retention plan.
  • Navigate the challenges encountered in SEM
  • Learn how to analyze enrolment data, financial reports and alignment of academic and co-curricular programs
  • Measure the success of a SEM plan by developing key enrolment targets, enrolment strategies and goals, and evaluation processes