Program Description

Today’s corporate world and traditional education realms demand frontrunners who understand how to create instructional experiences that make the acquisition of knowledge interesting, productive, and useful. At Royal Roads University, we’ve leveraged our expertise in instructional design to create a Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design program to help you build on your academic knowledge as well as your professional experience. Learn how to master the theories and practical applications of today’s technology-enhanced learning environments.

The Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design is a 9-credit program consisting of three online courses that use a collaborative educational model. Each course is nine to ten weeks long, with a one week break between courses. The Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design also provides an opportunity to earn credits towards your Graduate Diploma in Technology-enhanced Learning and Design, or the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies.

The following courses are now also offered individually through our General Studies courses.

To request permission to enrol into any of these courses, please complete the request form.

Who It’s For

We use a cohort learning model in our programs to help you build a beneficial network of likeminded professionals; people you can turn to for support and advice for the rest of your career. A common thread between our learners is their ability and willingness to help each other be successful, regardless of workplace. They share a passion for creating a learning environment that encourages critical thinking, demonstrated leadership, and unique expression of thought. Our program provides the practical skills and management strategies that are essential to instructional design.

Students in this program come from a wide variety of professional organizations; including government, non-profits, universities and community colleges, private sector employers, financial institutions, classroom teachers, social service workers, public sector trainers, and other training environments.

We understand that your life is busy, so we’ve designed this program to be completed online; ideal for students looking for a flexible way to improve their skills and thrive within their organizations and institutions, without sacrificing their personal or professional life.

Applications are assessed, based on an integrated and consolidated examination of academic credentials, work experience and personal experience. Experience in a technology-mediated learning environment is an asset. Applicants who do not have the formal academic education to qualify for admission may be assessed on the basis of both their formal education and their informal learning, in accordance with the Flexible Admission Policy. Please see the Program Admission page for more information.


By participating in class activities, providing valuable feedback to your colleagues, meeting deadlines, applying critical thinking to the integration of knowledge and practice, and recognizing ethical values and considerations, you will be well prepared to create the processes necessary to oversee effective knowledge acquisition and transfer.

Graduates of this certificate will be able to:

  • Communicate and synthesize information and arguments at the graduate level
  • Critically evaluate how learning occurs in a variety of contexts
  • Design and create research-informed digital learning environments
  • Demonstrate effective collaboration skills
  • Develop and analyze support strategies to meet the needs of stakeholders in digital learning environments
  • Select appropriate assessment and evaluation strategies for digital learning environments
  • Contribute meaningfully to digital learning network(s) and communities
  • Apply reflective processes to improve professional practice

Graduates of this certificate will have:

  • Expanded knowledge of educational theory 
  • Developed practical skills in graphic design, project management and instructional design
  • Increased understanding of student characteristics and needs
  • Enhanced critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills

This program allows you to foster innovation within the field of instructional design, providing you with the academic credentials and practical experience necessary to develop creative solutions to accomplish your learning objectives. You will acquire a sufficient breadth and depth of knowledge related to the field of instructional design, as well as a solid grounding in the practical applications related to your new-found skills and knowledge.