The DSocSci is a professional degree program that focuses on the interdisciplinary applications of the social sciences to our contemporary world. Through such applied research, the program addresses complex real-world problems at the organizational, community, and societal level. The program responds to the national and global demand for workplace leaders with doctoral-level research skills who have the capacity for social and organizational innovation in support of sustainable organizations, communities, and societies.

Competency Framework

The competency framework is comprised of five competency domains and is a guide for pedagogical design and learning assessment. It articulates the goals of the DSocSci program specifically in terms of the desired outcomes for learning. Program competencies will be demonstrated in course work, program participation, and especially dissertation design, decision, and management. A competency framework serves a series of purposes:

  • It is a means of orientation for teaching and learning in the program.
  • It becomes the basis of a learning contract between students and their faculty.
  • It permits consistency in program delivery while at the same time permitting flexibility and variation in particular course designs.
  • It provides a basis on which students can self-manage their work in the program.

One or more learning outcomes have been identified for each competency, each of which is supported by a set of assessment criteria. These criteria are not exhaustive, and specific course activities may demand the criteria is rearticulated or augmented to more accurately reflect the extent to which students have mastered the competency.

Additional learning outcomes, specifically those concerning subject matter areas associated with the knowledge domain, will be developed in consultation with the student to reflect their area of research.