Delivery Model

The Doctor of Business Administration program is delivered based on the successful RRU blended model consisting of three short intensive face-to-face residencies coupled with internet-based learning components that incorporate a unique mix of course work, workshops, seminars, scholarly activities, conference participation, and self-study.

In some cases, pre-DBA credits could be required to bring potential candidates’ general management knowledge, competencies, and skills up to the required level to start the program.

The overall program can be broken down into three key phases:


1. DBA Foundation

The DBA Foundation phase will run over one calendar year and will consist of a two-week residency, three online blocks, and a self-directed study period. The overall goal of this phase is to ground you in theory and sound methodological approaches, thereby permitting you to engage in quality research.

2. Research Preparation

The Research Preparation phase will run over one calendar year and will consist of a one-week residency, followed by a self-directed study period that includes online activities and colloquia which will help you to engage in constructive learning dialogues. The overall aim of this phase is to build a research focus that leads to the production of an original research study. Key milestones in this phase will include the advancement to doctoral candidacy status, the approval of the research proposal, and participation in a relevant conference.

3. Execution and Writing

The Execution and Writing phase will run over two years. In this stage, you’ll conduct your research in coordination with your Dissertation Supervisory Committee. Toward the end of the third and fourth year, you’ll participate in online activities designed to share your conference papers and research contributions. At the beginning of the fourth year, a third one-week residency will be scheduled to run at the same time as the first and second residencies of the following intakes. This will allow you to network and share knowledge with colleagues on-campus.

Learning outcomes

You’ll develop four key competency domains (areas of demonstrated abilities), which will enable you to be a critical thinker, reflective practitioner, independent researcher, responsible leader, and change agent.

See the list of courses in the DBA program. For more information about the program or how to apply, connect with an Advisor by email, or call 250.391.2528 or 1.877.778.6227 (toll-free). If you 're an international student, please contact our international enrolment team.