In the Classroom

At Royal Roads University, we have both full-time on campus and blended learning model programs, an effective combination of online instruction supported by intensive on-campus residencies. These options give you the flexibility to learn around your schedule while building a relationship with the people in your program. We have found that both of these learning models provide an excellent balance of team-based conversation and study.


Just like in the real world, working with different personalities can be difficult, fun, and incredibly rewarding. During your degree program, you can build connections that will last a lifetime, providing professional support, career advice, and an honest opinion when you need it.


At RRU, we treat you like the adult you are. We respect your opinion. We listen to your input. We understand that your life is very busy outside of the classroom. We encourage you to think critically, and question everything, including yourself. And we expect you to contribute value through participation. We challenge you to ask questions to gain a fuller understanding of the topic. In our experience, some of the most memorable lessons come from the engagement between you and the people in your cohort.

The Value of a Network

In addition to the degree or certificate you earn at Royal Roads University, you will also discover a resource that will help you personally and professionally for the rest of your career - a network of likeminded professionals. Our cohort model provides you with small groups to learn from and with. You will challenge each other during the program, defending your position or your understanding of the content. You’ll earn the respect of your teammates and learn to value their opinions. This is a resource you can enjoy long after your program has finished, providing you with valuable personal and professional advice you can use for the rest of your life.