Program Description

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science at Royal Roads University

The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science (BScES) program presents an exciting opportunity to combine practical laboratory and fieldwork skills with theoretical knowledge in a team-based program.

Designed to build on your existing knowledge and experience in environmental science, the program offers courses in environmental management, economics, law, communications, and sustainable development as well as chemistry, hydrology, ecotoxicology, and ecology. This program will increase your ability to analyze problems, recognize the complexity of environmental issues and then apply problem-solving skills using the techniques of science, social science, and the humanities. 

You’ll gain the academic and social skills necessary to assume leadership positions in industry, government, environmental consulting and many other possible careers

Encompassing years three and four of a four-year undergraduate degree, we give you the chance to complete your degree through a 12-month on-campus option or a two-year blended delivery model that combines online and on-campus learning.

Who It’s For

You’re ready to be the change you want to see in the world.

Ideally suited for anyone interested in building upon past educational and work experiences to become an effective environmental professional, this program will allow you to enter and advance in the field.

You're looking for:

  • A challenging interdisciplinary course of study.
  • The opportunity to develop your individual laboratory skills. Our small class sizes mean you will develop your skills by working without partners.
  • The development of a strong learning community. Your classes will typically be in the 30-45 student range, allowing you to truly get to know your classmates, staff, and faculty.
  • The opportunity to develop your online and research skills with the support of our faculty and library staff.
  • The development of your team and people skills. In today’s work environment, these skills are highly sought by employers.

If you've completed two years of post-secondary studies, including courses in chemistry, biology, and math, this program may be the path you are seeking.

Note that applicants who do not have formal academic education to qualify for admission may be assessed on the basis of both their education and relevant work experience, in accordance with the Flexible Admission Policy.

If you aren’t sure if you qualify, please contact our enrolment advisors to help determine the next steps you may need to enter the program.

Professional Certification

The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science is accredited by ECO Canada (Environmental Careers Organization of Canada). The program fulfills the academic requirements for Environmental Professional (EP) certification and grants a one-year credit to the work experience requirement. Graduates of the BScES program are also eligible to apply for Environmental Professional in-training (EPt) certification. Visit ECO Canada to learn more.

For more information about the BScES program or how to apply, connect with an Advisor by email, or call 250.391.2528 or 1.877.778.6227 (toll-free).

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