Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science at Royal Roads University

Never have environmental perspectives on tackling world problems been more valued – or more necessary. With a growing recognition in all sectors of the value of the environment, there are a lot of choices out there. If you are currently in a technical position, a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from Royal Roads University gives you the knowledge and skills that can open doors to a professional career.

If your present training and job are narrowly specialized, you will be better equipped to move into positions where the breadth of expertise is important. Just starting your career? Your broad knowledge base and your ability to analyze complex situations will be valued by prospective employers.

As a graduate of the BSc in Environmental Science program, you’ll have a wide range of technical, communication, analytical and interpersonal skills, together with a firm grounding in environmental science. These skill sets have been defined as requirements for employment in the environmental sector through consultation by ECO Canada as well as our School Advisory Board.

Graduates from this program go on to careers in a variety of areas, including environmental consultants; environmental managers in industry, business, non-governmental organizations or municipal governments; environmental policy advisors; mediators for stakeholder groups; and, positions involved in various kinds of environmental monitoring or regulatory compliance.

Other career options include specialists in water and wastewater; air quality; hydrology; industrial hygiene, and many others. Some graduates have used their BScES to support further education in fields such as teaching and environmental law. Read what our alumni are saying about their programs.

Where do you want your degree to take you?  

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