The field of communications spans across many industries, including:


  • Advertising Specialist, Marketing Specialist, Copy Writer, Account Executive Manager.
  • Media Planner, Creative Director, Public Researcher.


  • Station Manager, Director of Broadcasting, Community Relation Director, Unit Manager.
  • News Writer/Manager, Technical Director, Advertising/Marketing, Announcer/Presenter.
  • Disc Jockey, News Manager, Casting Director, Producer, Business Manager.


  • Management, Personnel Recruiter, Human Resources, Trainer, Public Information Officer.  
  • Industrial Relation, Negotiator/Mediator, Customer Service, Editor, Human Resources. 

Communication and Health Care/Social Services

  • Communication Director, Public Relations, Social Worker, Marketing Director
  • Research Analyst, Communication Analyst, Public Administrator, Human Rights Officer
  • Community Affairs Liaison   


  • Public Information Officer, Legislative Assistant, Campaign Director, Research Specialist, Program Coordinator, Elected Official

High Technology Industries

  • Television/Film Producer/Director, Systems Analyst, Technical Copywriter

International Relations and Negotiations

  • Trade Negotiator/Mediator, Corporate Representative, Translator, Diplomat  

Journalism (Print or Electronic)

  • Reporter, Editor, Newscaster, Author, Copy Writer, Script Writer.
  • News Service Researcher, Technical Writer, Acquisitions Editor, Media Interviewer.

Public Relations

  • Publicity/Advertising Manager, Marketing Specialist, Lobbyist Account Executive.
  • Corporate Public Affairs Specialist, Development Officer, Sales Manager, Creative Director.
  • Media Analyst, Media Planner, Public Opinion Researcher.

Theatre/Performing Arts

  • Performer, Script Writer, Arts Administrator, Costume Design, Stage Manager, Casting Director.

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