Admission Requirements

Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

First-year entry (4-year undergraduate degree)

First-year entry is for students coming from high school (or equivalent). Please review the year 1 admission and application requirements for more information. 

Third-year entry (degree completion - 3rd & 4th year)

Standard Admission

Diploma (or 60 credits) in arts and sciences fields of study, including a minimum of 24 second-year credits, with a minimum GPA of 'B' (3.00/4.33), from a recognized post-secondary institution.

Flexible Admission

While 60 credits in arts and sciences fields of study are recommended, applicants may be assessed for admission on the basis of their skills, knowledge and background developed outside traditional learning structures. Flexible admission applicants would normally have 3 to 5 years of professional experience in a related area and be able to demonstrate the competencies expected of a graduate with a two-year degree in the arts and sciences.

English Language Proficiency

If English is not your primary language, please review our English Language Requirements.

Additional Recommendations for Admission

Ideal candidates are self-directed and highly motivated and possess strong communication skills. BAIS students move between cohorts, groups of students, and post-secondary institutions and need to be comfortable with completing an individualized program, integrating into student teams in different programs, and navigating enrolment and registration at more than one institution.