Degree Completion Blended (24 months)

The BA in Justice Studies program combines a variety of learning methodologies such as lectures, self-directed study, class discussions, team projects, team discussions, presentations, exercises in communication, negotiation, and mediation. This program also utilizes case studies and actual experiences that typify circumstances and challenges encountered in the field.  

Students improve their critical thinking skills, their ability to work independently and in teams. The program emphasizes skills required in the justice service field, such as compassion, empathy, integrity, equal concern and respect for others, initiative, adaptability, maturity, responsibility, continuity and perseverance.

The online offering of the BA in Justice Studies begins with a pre-residency period (via distance education) followed by an on-campus residency period (3-week residency in year 1 and 2-week residency in year 2). During the residency, students become familiar with the necessary computer, Internet, library search and research skills required to function effectively during the rest of their program. In addition, students are taught team building skills, and academic rules of conduct. 

The online model has five distinct sections, with the first and third sections held on campus in Victoria, B.C. and all others completed through distance education. For exact dates of courses and times when you are expected to be on campus, please refer to the program offerings page.


The two on-campus residencies (3-week residency in year 1 and 2-week residency in year 2) held on campus at Royal Roads University for the online cohort are mandatory and involve full-time studies while in residency. It is expected that students do not have other work, study, or personal commitments during this period.  Students are not required to reside on campus during this on-campus period, but they must attend classes each day. We have found that the residencies are extremely helpful in bringing together a cohesive group that can offer support to each other at a distance. 

There is limited accommodation space available for students coming from out of town for the residency and is available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Learn more about Campus Accommodations.

Online Learning

The distance learning portion of the Justice Studies program takes place over the Internet. A number of different delivery methods are used such as lecture notes, textbooks, articles, and case studies. This is facilitated by interactive Internet learning tools such as discussion threads, bulletin boards and team discussions. Online courses for the distance model run for nine consecutive weeks with the possibility of an exam after the completion of the courses. Each course will require a level of effort of approximately 10-15 hours per week. The actual workload depends greatly on the learning ability of the student. 

The BA Justice Studies uses a variety of learning methodologies such as lectures, self-reflection, independent study, class-wide discussions, team projects, team discussions, presentations, exercises in communication, mediation, and an applied research project.

The program supports skills required in the justice service field such as: 

  • compassion 
  • empathy 
  • integrity 
  • equal concern and respect for others 
  • initiative 
  • adaptability 
  • maturity 
  • responsibility 
  • continuity 
  • perseverance