The BA in International Hotel Management (BAIHM) program prepares graduates to become innovative thinkers, managers and leaders who embrace the changing world of the international hotel industry. The leading-edge course content, innovative experiential learning and multi-cultural learning environment set graduates up to successfully manage the financial, social and environmental aspects of international hotel operations. The program also provides knowledge of best practices and trends, along with the critical thinking, analytical and decision-making skills required in hotel management.

As a graduate of the BAIHM program, you will come away with a set of skills and deep understanding of the issues and topics that drive the hotel industry. The following outline the knowledge you will gain, and what you will be able to successfully apply to your career after graduation.

Global Awareness

You’ll learn to analyze, interpret and assess the impact of global issues facing hospitality managers, apply revenue and financial management techniques, and demonstrate multicultural sensitivity and awareness to global issues, opportunities and sustainability.


While learning the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and strategic decision making, you’ll create a strategic plan for a hospitality enterprise and gain an understanding of other businesses operating within the broader tourism and hospitality context, including those in the shared economy.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Using case study scenarios and conceptual models, you’ll learn the critical analysis, data interpretation and business research skills highly valued in the hotel industry.

Work With Others

As a team member, you’ll practice how to lead, and how to follow the lead, all while considering the needs and expectations of stakeholders and the recognition of the benefits of cultural diversity.

Effective Communication

Producing written materials and oral presentations using both narrative and graphic representations, you’ll regularly participate in class discussions contributing to the learning of others, all while improving your technology skills and awareness.

Once you graduate, your undergraduate degree provides you the opportunity to pursue graduate studies in a range of disciplines at institutions around the world as well as here at RRU.  There are many we have to choose from, including the Master of Arts in Tourism Management, the Master of Global Management or Master of Arts in Professional Communication.