Our program incorporates essential topics and competencies related to entrepreneurship, destination marketing, leadership, communications, community development, and global sustainability. You will gain and refine the desired skills that tourism and hospitality organizations are searching for.

You will develop critical insight into issues and opportunities in the tourism industry, all the while learning within a supportive, team-based environment.  You will increase your competitive advantage by developing real-world connections through your instructors, your international cohort, semester abroad and global internship opportunities.

Tourism embodies a wide variety of interconnected industries, and global demand has created many new job opportunities for you, from careers in large corporations to small businesses, government and destination-related organizations, sport and event management firms, as well as tourism consulting possibilities.

Once you graduate, your undergraduate degree provides you the opportunity to pursue graduate studies in a range of disciplines at institutions around the world as well as here at RRU. There are many we have to choose from, including the Master of Arts in Tourism Management, the Master of Global Management or Master of Arts in Professional Communication.

As a BAGTM graduate, you will come away with a set of skills and deep understanding of the issues and topics that drive the tourism and hospitality industry. The following outline the knowledge you will gain, and what you will be able to successfully apply to your career no matter where in the world you go.

Global Awareness

You will learn to analyze and assess the impact of global issues facing tourism managers and how tourism initiatives can impact communities, all while learning to apply sustainable management techniques, building community resilience and developing your multicultural sensitivity.


While learning the approaches to human resource management, you will develop an understanding of strategic planning concepts for a tourism enterprise, as well as the principles of tourism marketing and event management.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Using case study scenarios and conceptual models, you will learn the critical analysis, data interpretation and business research skills highly valued in tourism.

Effective Communication

Producing written materials and oral presentations using both narrative and graphic representations, you will regularly participate in class discussions, all while perfecting your computer, internet and communications skills.

Leadership and Collaboration

You’ll learn how to lead teams through group assignments and activities, and hone the skills needed to perform as an effective team member in a variety of situations and circumstances.