Royal Roads University exists to provide high quality, innovative, competitively priced applied post-secondary education to career-focused students in Canada and abroad in a manner which meets their needs, is financially self-sufficient and is socially and environmentally responsible.

Board Context Statement, adopted June 2003

Royal Roads University was established by the Royal Roads University Act, and is also subject to several provisions of the University Act

Royal Roads University operates under a unicameral (single chamber) governance system (i.e., a single body – the Board – has the duties and may exercise the powers that would normally be divided between a board and an academic senate in a traditional university). Under RRU’s corporate governance model, the Board sets broad administrative and academic policy and the President, as the chief executive officer, administers the university’s operations. On academic matters, the President is assisted by an academic council comprised largely of professors.

The Board may determine committees, but has two mandatory committees under the legislation: the Program and Research Council, which advises the Board on instructional and research priorities; and the Standing Committee on Appeals, which hears appeals of decisions of the President regarding student suspension or expulsion and certain matters regarding faculty appointments.

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