Step 4: Candidates are Assessed

Candidates who meet the screening requirements will most likely be invited to participate in assessment activities. Hiring departments use a variety of assessment activities: 

Review of past performance and accomplishments
Samples of previous work
Standardized tests

Full range of standardized tests may be used for assessment, such as:

      • In-Basket Exercises
      • General Intelligence Tests
      • Office Skills Tests
      • General Competency Test
      • Candidate Achievement Record
      • Writing Skills Tests
      • Identification of Candidate Potential Tests

In general, standardized tests assess knowledge, abilities and competencies

Simulation/Situation exercises
  • The goal is to simulate the important aspects of a particular job. A range of issues and problems are presented where candidates must respond to requests for service and/or advice and work with managers as partners
  • Duration of the exercise depends on the target outcomes anticipated by the selection board
  • Simulations/situational exercises are commonly used to assess abilities and competencies
Written exams
  • May be administered using different formats and media such as email, take-home, paper/pencil, computer-based, open or closed book
  • Multiple choice, fill in the blanks, open or close ended questions, essay questions
  • Characteristically used to assess knowledge, abilities, personal suitability and competencies
  • May be administered using different formats and/or media such as: in-person, teleconference, videoconference, webchat. May be structured or unstructured, formal or informal.
  • May use behavior questions, knowledge questions, or situation questions.

When providing examples, try using the STAR technique (situation, task, action, result)

  • Role play
      • These activities are specifically designed to put you in a work situation.
      • The members of the selection board (or other people) play the roles of colleagues or clients.
      • You must pretend you are the person in the position and demonstrate certain abilities/skills or personal suitability
  • Reference checks