Multi-faith Spaces

The Chapel

The Chapel, which is located at the west end of the Quarterdeck on the second floor of the Grant building, is available 24 hours a day. For entry outside of regular business hours, please contact Campus Security in the Millward building at 250.391.2525.

Please refer to the local telephone directory for a listing of places of worship. 

The Interfaith Room

The Royal Roads University Interfaith Room is dedicated to those members of the RRU community who seek a quiet place for spiritual reflection, meditation or prayer.  The Interfaith Room is located in room 110 on the main floor of the Nixon building and is open and available to students, staff and faculty 24 hours a day.

During hours when the Nixon building exterior doors are locked, access can be provided through Security Services (Millward building; 250.391.2525).

The room is not to be used as a lounge, study space or meeting room, and nothing should be fixed to the walls or left in the room.  Though usually open and not reserved, if there is a special need to reserve the Interfaith Room, please contact Student Services.

Please note: the use of fire, including lit candles or incense, is not permitted in the room.

Please respect the requirement for a peaceful, quiet atmosphere.