Food Bank

March 20, 2020: The RRU student Food Bank is temporarily closed during the COVID-19 period as our programs have moved online.  Please donate to, or visit, the community Food Bank in your area.

RRU’s Food Bank is a Student Services initiative that serves our most vulnerable students on campus. It is meant to be operated in a “no questions asked” style and with the highest degree of respect and sensitivity. Students may visit the Food Bank as often as required during short-term time of need, and may take as much food as they like within reason and understanding that other students have need of the service. It is not meant to replace a forgotten lunch or be a regular source of food.

Where is it?

The Food Bank is located in a locked cabinet at the base of the central staircase in the Learning and Innovation Centre (LIC). Borrow the key from the Guest Services desk in the lobby of the LIC.

How does it operate?

The primary supply of unperishable food is donated by students leaving residency. It is collected via bins located in residency lounges by our custodial staff and delivered to the Food Bank. Several times a year, depending on demand and funding available, Financial Aid & Awards (FAA) staff will stock the shelves with food purchased at Costco and other wholesale shops. 

Donations of unperishable food or toiletries is gratefully accepted in a bin by the Food Bank.

Feedback is welcome!

Please contact Financial Aid & Awards.