FAQ about Exams

How do I contact the Exams Office?

Phone: 250-391-2600 ext. 4854
Office: Grant Building, Room 303

Does Royal Roads University offer external exam invigilation services?

Royal Roads University does not offer external exam invigilation services.

I am unable to attend my exam due to an emergency. Who should I notify?

If you are unable to attend your exam due to a last minute emergency (e.g. Illness or Bereavement) the day before or of your exam please contact both your exam invigilation site so they may cancel the invigilator they have booked for you and notify the RRU Exams Office. Contact information for your exam invigilation site can be found in your Exam Location Confirmation.

Please see Exam Deferrals for more information.

How do I defer an exam?

Please see Exam Deferrals for more information.

I have a disability. Can I receive special exam accommodations?

Please contact the Accessibility Services office for more information.



Where will my exam take place?

You will be sent an Exam Confirmation email prior to your exam with your exam location information.

I think I failed my exam. What should I do?

Your exam will be graded by your instructor and you will be notified by your Program Office regarding your options if you fail your exam.

I have a concern about my exam invigilation site or the manner in which my exam was conducted. Who should I report this to?

Any issues with your exam location and/or the manner in which your exam was conducted must be reported to the RRU Exams Office via email ( exams@royalroads.ca ) within 48 hours of your exam. All complaints will be investigated.

I witnessed suspected cheating or unusual behavior in an exam. Who should I report this to?

If you witnessed suspected cheating or unusual behavior during an exam you should report this to the RRU Exams Office as soon as possible.

I have serious exam stress and/or anxiety. What should I do?

Exams often bring about a certain level of stress for all students.  However, if you are experiencing a high level of distress RRU offers support to services such as Counselling Services, or Accessibility Services if you believe your distress/anxiety is due to a disability.

What dates are my exams?

Exams dates are provided in advance by your Program Office. Please consult your program schedule and if you have further question contact your Program Office.